St George's Day


On 23rd April, Dead Horse performs its traditional St George's Day Play.

Below are the words to our play. Please note that these are used as a guide only, and the real play may contain slight deviations, repetitions and hesitations.

Picture © Oojahkappivvy


Open the door and let us in
I beg your favour for to win
Whether we rise, die, stand or fall
we'll do our duty to please you all
Room, room, all gallants room,
give us room to play
We've come to show some gallant sport
upon St. George's Day
The new activity, the old activity
you've never seen before
I am that little man that leads
the King of Egypt to the door

King of Egypt:
In comes I the King of Egypt
as plainly does appear
Walk in St. George, St. George,
And you shall swiftly hear
Walk in St George and act thy part
and show the people thy glorious heart
Heart strong and bold
nothing to be seen but shining gold
Now is the time of day,
to see the upstart Dragon to fire away
Step in St George and clear the way

St George:
I am St George from old England sprung,
my name throughout the world has rung
Bloody deeds and wonders I have shown
to make false tyrants tremble on their thrones
From a dungeon did I escape
for to crack a giant's pate
Next to a rock of stone
did I most gently mourn
But now I slay the dragon bold
my wonders to begin
A fell and fiery dragon he,
but I shall clip his wing.
I'll clip his wings he shall not fly
I'll rid the land of him or else I'll die

Who is it seeks the dragon's blood
and calls so angry and so load?
That English dog who looks so proud
If I could catch him in my claw,
with my long tooth and horrid jaw
Of such hay appetite for more
For my head is made of brass,
my body made of steel
My arms and legs are knucklebone,
no sword can make me feel

St George:
I am St George that valiant knight
who seeks the dragon's blood
And thought his head be made of brass,
I'll cut it off and kick him in the...tail

(They circle, fight and the dragon is pursued (out of sight?) and killed. St. George stands holding up the dragon's head).

I've slain the fiery dragon dead
and just to prove it here's his head
I've slain the fiery dragon and
brought him to the slaughter
And by this act won crowns of gold
and the King of Egypt's daughter
Is there a man in all the land
who dare against me for to stand
I'll cut him down with sword in hand

Turkish Knight:
I am this Turkish Knight,
from Turkey Land I come
To seek those trembling words of life
I though I heard a voice blaspheme
Address of me of my Turkish name,
Oh, where is this man against whom I stand
I'll cut him down with sword in hand
Pull out your sword and fight
Pull out your purse and pay
For satisfaction I will have
Before I go away

St George:
Satisfaction to me you crave
No satisfaction shall you have
For in less than five minutes
You shall be my slave

Turkish Knight:
Stick up, stick up it shall be shown,
The best of battles that eve was known
The clock strikes one, the time draws nigh
Put up, put, for now you die!

(They circle, fight Turkish Knight falls to the ground)

King of Egypt
Oh George, Oh George what hast thou done?
Thou has slain my only son
My only son, my only heir
How couldst thou leave him lying there?

Doctor, Doctor, is there a Doctor to be found?

Oh yes there is a doctor good and dear
What has travelled the country far and near

How far have you travelled
Mr Noble Doctor?

Through Italy, Dittaly, falls of Spain
And now returned to old England again
To cure this man who lies here slain
Twenty pounds I want to fix his pain

I'll see that paid Mr Noble Doctor

A better man than you, I hope

King of Egypt:
I'll see that paid Mr Noble Doctor

Aye, that will do.
I have a little bottle in my
Left hand inside coat pocket
Called Golden Hospital
It will cure the itch, the stitch
The palsy and the gout
Pains within and pains without
Here, Jack, take a bit of nip-nap
Pour it down your tip-tap
Then rise and fight again

(Turkish Knigh rises)

Behold, behold, see waht I have done
I rose the dead man from the ground
Healed his wounds and cleansed his blood
And gave him stuff to do him good

Turkish Knight:
Here I am and well known
With my great sword
I'll smite St George
And break his precious bones

(They begin to fight again but are interrupted)

King of Egypt
Halt, halt St George
Don't fight him anymore
For his wounds are very sore

In comes I old Jim-Jack
With my family on my back
What we beg is but small
But is obliged to serve us all

In comes I Beelzebub
Over me shoulder I carried a club
And in my hand
A dripping pan
An don't you think i'm a comical man?

(All can sing St George from Hal and Toe)

St George he fought the dragon bold
He fought with main and might oh
Of all the knight's in Christendom
St George he is the knight oh!

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