The Dilwyn Stick Dance

A traditional dance, based on Hook Eagle Morris' version with some changes to sticking and cross-overs from Dead Horse

South Australia, Not For Joe or just drumming

Any multiple of 2 dancers, in two lines. Start facing partners across set.
16 Beat play on, stepping from 12, and coming in on 14. For drumming - 8 Beat play on only, coming straight in.

All Forehand high (F): 5 clashes in 4 Beats (F-F-FFF)

Sequence: All moves are 16 Beats
Rignt Hand Star, Left Hand Star


Facing across the set, F-F-FFF with partner, then change 90o to do F-F-FFF again with partner in line. Repeat.

Facing UP the set, do a cross over dancing sideways (keep in lines!), left side of set passing in front of partners, 8 steps. Repeat
Then do the same move, but at a 90 degree angle to first set of cross-overs. On the last time finish by leaping back into set with a loud yell

Right Hand Star:
Each subset of 4 does a Right Hand star for 8 steps (half the A music); then turns out into ...

Left Hand Star:
LH star for 8 steps, and back into place

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