Miner's Joy

One of Dead Horse's Own, a 5 Man Version of Newton's Lore

Shave the Monkey tune (?) / Blackleg Miner

5 dancers, with Molly in the middle, starting in a line off the set

Sequence: (All moves are 16 beats unless indicated otherwise)
Circle/ Line
Tips and Butts/ Figure 8
Progressive Hey
Tips and Butts/ Figure 8
Progressive Hey
Circle/ Molly In/ Next Corner
Molly's Shuffle (24)
Molly's Swing
Red Arrows (24)
Circle/ Molly In/ Line
Tips and Butts/ Figure 8
Progressive Hey

Tips and Butts/ Figure 8:
Outside pairs do tips & butts whilst Molly dances a figure 8 around the pairs, taking 16 beats to complete & come back to bed

For tips & butts - In each pair, the one in the middle of the set presents their stick, whilst the other clashes (B-T-BTB), in 4 beats, the final 3 clashes coming in the last 2 beats. Partner returns, & then both repeat

Progressive Hey:
All 5 do a hey, but do not move off until they have been passed by no.1. Dancers 4 & 5 have to swap over at the end of each progressive Hey in order to be back in time. No.1 leads off the final progressive hey to end the dance

Circle/ Molly In/ Out/ Next Corner:
Dancers circle clockwise for 4, then put sticks up in centre, in numerical order, whilst still circling. Molly goes into middle, whilst other dancers cross the back of the man in front, taking up a corner position on a square, with the Molly in the middle. "Molly in" is the same move in reverse, with Molly coming into line after the sticks have been put up

Molly's Shuffle (24):
Dancers on the outside of the square move round the outside of the square in a clockwise direction, taking up the position of the man in front, until they have gone round 6 sides of the square. Whilst they are doing this the Molly dances from the middle towards a corner, dances all the way around the square in an anti-clockwise direction, and then returns to the middle

Molly's Swing:
Starting with no.1, Molly swings each dancer to the next bed, whilst other 3 shuffle round as before. Molly stays on the diagonal he started on, taking opposite corners until all 4 dancers have been swung

Red Arrows:
The dancers on the outside of the square dance on the spot for 4 beats whilst the Molly crouches down and raises his stick high. All 4 then cross diagonally in 4 beats (passing behind the back of the man in front), clashing on Molly's stick on the 2nd beat. All pause for 4, & then repeat diagonal clash. There is then a final pause for 4 at the end of the move (for Molly to wipe off the blood!!)

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