Newton's Lore

Originally a dance taught to us by Gordon Newton from Motley and adapted extensively by Dead Horse. This dance could well be a corruption / reworking of the Brimfield Stick dance

Bromborough Heath / Star of the County Down

Sets of 4 Dancers

Sequence: (All moves are 16 beats unless indicated otherwise)
Circle/ Line
Tips and Butts
Long Hey
Tips and Butts
Long Hey
Circle/ Next Corner
Shuffle Square
Two Through
Dag Cross
Circle/ Line
Tips and Butts
Long Hey
Tips and Butts
Star Finish/ Dance Off

Tips and Butts:
In each pair, the one in the middle of the set presents their stick, whilst the other clashes (B-T-BTB), in 4 beats, the final 3 clashes coming in the last 2 beats. Partner returns, & then both repeat. In the final set of tips & butts the final clash is dropped, instead all the dancers jump into a star on the final beat. Star is held for 4 beats before dancing off. When there are 2 sets dancing then dancers can go off in a long hey, the No. 2 of each set leading off

Long Hey:
All 4 do a hey, starting by passing Right shoulders with partner, back to original beds. After every 8 steps, dancers should all be in a line

Circle/ Next Corner:
For Next Corner, Dancers circle clockwise for 8, then put sticks in centre whilst circling, in numerical order. Each dancer then crosses the back of the man in front, taking up a corner position on a square

Shuffle Square:
Each dancer moves around the square, in a clockwise direction, taking 4 beats to reach the position of the man in front

Two Through:
Dancers face original partners (1 faces 2; 3 faces 4). Dancers then dance around the square, until back to original places

The two dancers going through the middle should be going in the same direction. Order of going inside is: 4&1; 1&2; 2&3; and 3&4. This can also be remembered as going through on your numerical position and the following one, ie: 1 goes through first & second; 2 goes through second & third and so on

Dag Cross:
Each diagonal pair cross the square in 4 beats (stick-side), clashing on the 2nd beat. Starts with No.'s 1 & 3, followed by 2 & 4. Each pair then repeats to get back to original positions

This move is the same as shuffle square, only going in an anti-clockwise direction

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