Obvious Ferret

One of Dead Horse's and brand new for 2008

Goddesses/ Byker Hill

Any multiple of 4 dancers, in pairs. Start off the set, facing across the set. Music for 12 beats, then dancers come onto set in 4 beats.

Tops (Forehand) & Bottoms for 6 beats followed by a treble Top on the 7th and 8th beats (T-B-T-B-T-B-TTT).

Sticky Swing (32)
Long Hey (16)
Sticky Swing (32)
Lichfield (32)
Sticky Swing (32)
Long Hey (16)
Sticky Swing (32)

Sticking Swing (32 beats)
Sticky (16):
Facing across, each pair stick with partner (T-B-T-B-T-B-TTT) for 8 beats, then turn 90 degrees to face side partner & repeat.
Swing (16):
Side partners then do right-arm swing for 6 beats, swapping over, and dancing on spot for beats 7-8. Turn 90 degrees to face partner across the set & repeat. All dancers finish move in opposite corner to the one they started in. On final swing dancers swing off into audience in direction they came on from.

Long Hey (16 beats):
Left hand dancers turn out to form the ends of the line, down the middle of the set, while right hand dancers turn in to face original partner (2 beats). All 4 do long hey, once through, returning to original beds. If 2 sets (8 dancers) in a line, then dancers can hey through both sets, but will end up at opposite end.

Lichfield (32 beats):
All crosses are stick side & take 4 beats. Right hand dancers cross diagonally, then left dancers cross. All dancers then cross up the sides. Repeat diagonal crosses with new right hand dancers crossing first. All dancers then cross across the set. Repeat diagonal crosses with original pair going first & stop.

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