Do not scorn to wear the horn
it was the crest 'ere you were born
Your Father's Father wore it
and you shall wear it too


Jolly Rumeblow
we were up, (right up)
so long before the day-o
To welcome in the summer
to welcome in the May-o
Summer is a-coming in and
winter's gone away O!

St. George he fought the Dragon bold
he fought with main & might O
Of all the knights in Christendom
St. George he is the knight-o

Robin Hood and Little John
they've both are gone to Fair-o
We shall to the merry green wood
to see what they do there-o

Where are those dogs of Spaniards
who made so brave a boast-o
They shall eat the grey goose feather
we shall eat the roast-o

God Bless Aunt Mary Moses
in all her power & might-o
Send peace to dear Old England
send peace by day and night-o

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